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E-Learning International Business & Management Courses in Development
Online Courses to be Available January 2012

Seminars and Workshops Available upon Request

Chinese Negotiation Styles
Global & Multinational Marketing Strategies
Chinese Marketing Strategies
Doing Business in China
Doing Business in Mexico
International Negotiations
Cross-Cultural Management
Cross-Cultural Negotiations
Cultural Intelligence
Strategic Management
Strategic Planning & Implementation
Solutions-Oriented Leadership Approaches
Leading Change and Action Learning
Emotional Intelligence
Global Financial Systems
Corporate Social Responsibility in International Environments
Decision-Making Strategies
Low-Cost Strategies
Lean Principles
International Competitive Intelligence
Differentiation Strategies
International Manufacturing Management & Strategies
Corporate Renewal Strategies
International Marketing Strategies
International Marketing Research
International Business Strategies
Comparative Economics
International Trade
Global Supply Chain Management

And others.......
Recently, China became the second largest economy in the world.  And emerging economies are
beginning to shape the future of global business cultures.  The future of international business suggests
that it is essential and critical that people doing business in a foreign country must have an
understanding on how to do business across different cultures; that is, having an understanding of
cultural intelligence as it relates to international negotiations, marketing strategies, strategic
management, supply chain management, corporate social responsibilities, leading teams and so on.  
Today, no organization is immune from some international business exposure.  And all economies are
interrelated.  Learning theoretical and practical applications on how to do business effectively in
international markets is a basic requirement.  These courses are designed, from over 30 years of
experience in leading MNCs, in foreign countries, and scholarly research.

Course will be designed for practitioners and organizations with a desire for doing business in a foreign
country.  These courses will provide a scholarly and practitioner orientation with the flexibility provided
from online, interactive and e-learning systems.  

Demos will be available for perusal.
Torres International, founded in
2005, is an international
management & marketing
company providing:

- Speaking engagements;

- Educational courses, and
seminars, through advanced
e-learning systems based on
scholarly research and practical

- Off-site seminars and

- International consulting:
specializing in Chinese
Negotiation Styles, International
Negotiations, International
Marketing, Cross-Cultural- and
International Management,
International Economics,
International Manufacturing
Management, and  Corporate
Renewal Programs.
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