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Beginning January 2012:
405 Lexington Avenue
Chrysler Building
25th & 26th Floor
New York City, New York 10174
United States

Mobile:  518-330-5098
Founder & President - Dr. José Anibal Torres,   

International Multilingual Executive and Scholar - 25 years of total P&L (electronics,
mechanical, chemical  and environmental industries); senior level executive leadership
experience of global multi-manufacturing businesses; global sales & marketing, multi-
manufacturing plant operations, global human resources, global supply chain, international
accounting, engineering, quality, R&D, and services; in achieving and sustaining people,
organization, customer and shareholder results through implementation of the latest
technologies of operational effectiveness, low-cost strategies and continuous improvement
programs, strategic planning and implementation, knowledge and performance
management methodologies, Total Performance Scorecard, Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma,
5S’s, ISO9000/14000, ERP Systems, Malcolm Baldrige principles, human capital
development, etc.  In addition, professor of International Business, Management and
Research, in numerous specializations, colleges and universities, and experience in higher
education administration.

Specialities: Speaker, Lecturer, Presenter, Author, Professor and International Executive in
International Negotiations, International Marketing, Cross-Cultural/International
Management, Strategic Management, International Economics, International Manufacturing
Management, Corporate Renewals, Low-Cost Strategies, Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma,
Operational Excellence Programs, ISO 9000/14000, Global Supply Chain Management,
Expert in China, Far East, Europe and Latin America.

Doctor of Business Administration - International Business & Management
M.S. - Strategic Leadership
B.S. - Business & Economics

Areas of interest: Cross-Cultural Management, International Economics, International
Management, International Marketing, Global Human Resource Management  –  
Country/Region of interest: China - Asia, Europe & Latin America

Organizations Associated With: Square D Co.: Ingersoll-Rand; J.T. Baker
Chemical/Mallinckrodt Baker; American Standard; Schlumberger Inc.; Dictaphone (Pitney
Bowes); Bell Technologies; Manitowoc; Trinity Industries; Premier Manufacturing; Group
Technologies; T.S.I. of Florida; Pritchard-Brown of Florida; Albatros U.S. Corporation -
Corporación Albatros - Knorr-Bremse Group; Safety-Kleen Systems Inc.; La-Z-Boy; Lifetime
Energy Solutions; Solar-Energy; Grand Canyon University; Keuka College; Southern New
Hampshire University, Tianjin University of Science & Technology, Tianjin, China, Jimei
University, Xiamen, China, International School, Vietnam National University, Hanoi, Vietnam,
and others.

Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/in/josetorresinternationalmgmt
Company Services
Torres International, founded in
2005, is an international
management & marketing
company providing:

- Speaking engagements;

- Educational courses, and
seminars, through advanced
e-learning systems;

- Off-site seminars and

- International consulting:
specializing in Chinese
Negotiation Styles, International
Negotiations, International
Marketing, Cross-Cultural- and
International Management,
International Economics,
International Manufacturing
Management, and  Corporate
Renewal Programs.
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With Friends in Denmark & Sweden
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At the International School,
Vietnam National University,
At the Great Wall of China - Badaling
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